Our vision is to  improve self confidence, established ourselves as a recognized Performing Arts facility, enhance and develop talents and be recognized as a brand. 
Founders Josie de Leon and Mark Crescini both came from musical backgrounds. Josie began singing and performing professionally at a young age of 16 and husband Mark Crescini with background as producer/engineer, artist management and development. Both has the passion to develop young aspiring artist to perform at their very best. They took on the challenge of developing a 10th place contestant in a semi final round to win Grand Champion. Thus giving birth to the” Josie de Leon School of Performing Arts” .Other than technical skills, we strongly believe that there are many contributing factors that make up a winner. We teach the importance of “humility”, we build their confidence then we focus on the arts”.
JDL students are considered in the community as well mannered, talented and strong competitors.
In 2016 JDLSPA will incorporate technology in their programs. Programs such as Music Production, DJ Programs, Film Production and Digital Photography will soon be offered.

Who We Are

We are dedicated and committed to building confidence to each and everyone of our student. To give them all the necessary tools to perform with confidence and shine!  JDL is a family that supports one another that extends outside our classrooms.  

Our History

Began in a tiny living room space on October 2011.. We’ve now grown to three locations within the GTA. We’ve developed, trained and nurtured many of our students to win singing, dancing, and pageant competition around the world.